How I became, or think, I have become

Wolfram Laaser

Commentary on the book “How I became, or think, I became (2nd edition 2024 by Wolfram Laaser).
(Ulrich Laaser)

The author, my brother Wolfram, lets his life pass us by in one hundred and fifteen episodes, always in line with the professional development that eventually led him to the academic director at the University of Distance Learning Development in Hagen, North Rhine-Westphalia. At the time of his vocation, this area in Germany was still in its infancy. He therefore set out internationally to learn from other experiences and pass on his own knowledge. More than twenty visits are reported to be in countries with distance learning experience or with the intention of acquiring it, including relevant university institutes in Germany. The reader is taken on the exploration of a development area with great technical and educational fascination from China over Kenya to Mexico, told in a humorous connection with human experiences and international friendships. Rarely is technical information so appealingly embedded in human experience and tourist interest. Since then, the offer of distance learning with an academic degree has increased significantly, also driven by the Covid-19 epidemic, and continues to grow. If you want to find out about it or hear about exciting experiences, you can open the first pages of the book with a clear conscience.