Prospects in Global, Public and One Health in the Era of Syndemic Global Challenges

Eliudi Eliakimu

Political Leadership, Collectiveness and Widening our Engagement


The world is facing multiple concurrent challenges that affect global, public and one health. Prospects in global, public and one health requires global, national and subnational political leaders to commit themselves and show the leadership towards addressing these complex and syndemic challenges. As the leaders demonstrate commitment and leadership, it is essential to be coupled with working together (i.e., collectiveness), and widening the engagement across all sectors and all levels up to the level of communities. The challenges, especially wars and conflicts have shown some signs of contributing to hate behaviours across communities. In this view, we will need to tackle this well and early enough for better future. Hence, we need to work towards “positive peace” by working on factors that can contribute to it. The United Nations “New Agenda for Peace” (  ), should also help countries to find a common ground towards peace.

The opportunity that was obtained in the 28th Conference of Parties (COP28) by having “a health day” is a sign moving forward. We hope the Declaration from that day signed by 123 countries will ultimately be realized with the aim of “accelerating actions to protect people’s health from growing climate impacts”. Researchers also need to engage well with decision makers to ensure evidence from research is used in decision making to ensure realistic and effectives interventions that can help to solve the challenges around us.

DOI: 10.61034-JGPOH-2024-3