Reimagining Sustainability in Global Health

Eliudi Eliakimu, Ruth Ngowi, Radenta Bahegwa, Yohannes Msigwa, Lilian Lyakurwa, Francis Moreen, Laura Marandu, Omary Nassoro, Mbwana Degeh, Saumu Nungu, Michael Kiremeji, Alex Sanga, Alpha Cholobi, Saturini Manangwa, Bushi Lugoba, Edwin Mkwama, Robert Makala, Lutengano Mwanginde, Saidi Chibwana, Reginald Julius, Syabo Mwaisengela, Akili Mawazo, Chrisogone German, Erick Kinyenje, Joseph Hokororo

A look at situation post COVID-19 and Influence of Growing Geopolitical Fragmentation


Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) coupled with effects of conflicts and wars has threatened sustainability in global health (GH). This paper discusses sustainability in GH based on core pillars of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental.

In the economic pillar, we note the needs for:  adequate funding to World Health Organization; sustaining global resource sharing and ensuring efficiency in internal resource mobilization; addressing effects of conflicts and war; and solidarity in ensuring GH funding is maintained.

In the social pillar, there is a need for: having proper regulatory framework for guiding development and use of artificial intelligence tools; addressing equity issues; strengthening role of women leadership for peace and health systems; improving application of laws, regulations and policies; ensuring health education is delivered in an ethical, transparent and honest way considering use of formats and language suitable for targeted populations; and strengthening health systems to provide quality services to older population.

In the environmental pillar: health care workers (HCWs) need to provide counselling to clients on effects of climate change; health systems leaders, planners, and HCWs in general need to ensure healthcare services are provided in a sustainable way; and design and implementation of interventions should uphold human rights taking into account population demographics.

Keywords: Global health; Sustainability; Sustainable development; Strengthening health systems; COVID-19; Climate change; Conflicts and war; Systems thinking; Antibiotic use; Commercial and social determinants of health.

DOI: 10.61034-JGPOH/2023-5