Ok Pannenborg, Richard Seifman The pandemic treaty negotiations may fail – if so, what can we constructively build upon that so far has been achieved and even improve upon Abstract The current final stage negotiations for a new pandemic treaty are moving towards a dead-end situation. Concerns of national sovereignty are dominating today’s pandemic negotiations. […]

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Jérémy Castéra, Magali Coupaud, Claire Coiffard Marre, Corine Jegou, Hélène Cheneval-Armand, Alice Delserieys Pedregosa Abstract Aim: This paper explores the different predictors of protective behavior of French secondary school students during the first COVID-19 pandemic. More specifically, a model of relationships has been drawn between the perceived knowledge, perceived severity, protective behavior, and interest in

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Jennifer Moran Stritch, Lisa O’Rourke Scott1, Frank Houghton Abstract Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers significant potential to improve health, medical and social care. It equally offers substantial opportunities in improving the education and training of health, medical and social care professionals. However, AI training and development, as well as AI use into the future requires considerable

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Jens Holst Resumen La salud mundial es un término paraguas complejo que ha cobrado importancia en las dos últimas décadas, sobre todo durante y después de la pandemia de COVID-19. No obstante, el término “salud mundial” sigue careciendo de una definición universalmente aceptada y se aplica a una gama bastante amplia de temas y asuntos.

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Jens Holst Abstract Global health is a complex umbrella term that has grown in importance over the past two decades, particularly during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. Nonetheless, the term “global health” still lacks a universally agreed definition and is applied to a rather broad range of subjects and topics. Ultimately, global health can be

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